Hope for a Gentler Kinder Classier Year of Being Better, Achieving More and Keeping the American Dream Foremost in Our Hearts

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A New Year to Work With and Work on Ourselves

The Crisp New Year emerged with the morning sun out of the east this morning, giving all everywhere the gift of a new day, a new year to introspect, reconstruct, and refurbish our psyches and spirits and fortify our hearts to brush up our selfosphere and mental environment and continue to build our own personal dialectic of living.

2018 will be a hardworking year to attempt to repair the shambles of the spirit during the most bitter year in memory.

Bask in the crisp freshness and spirit of this first new day and begin the work of making ourselves better, burying the sorrow, smiling at our memories and seizing the tiller, setting sails and steering through the chop of life tacking against the wind, always sailing to the sun, drifting through the nights ahead to reflect on what we achieved during the day, where each of us could have done better and appreciating the uniqueness of every individual.

Did we do well today? How can we do better tomorrow? Are we proud of what we did today? Did we do good? If you do good, you sleep the satisfying sleep that “knits up the raveled sleeve of care.”

Cast off!

Set the sails and launch yourself on the sunlit sea. The snow-covered prairie. The vibrant metropolis.

It is your world, your year, your year to do good.

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