City Issues Status of Paying 2017-18 Taxes Prior to End of Year–No Warrant from County Yet for 2018

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WPCNR QUILL AND EYESHADE. From the City of White Plains. December 26, 2017:

Property tax bills for the 2nd half 2017-18 city and school district taxes have already been issued and residents can pay those bills now.  Payments are due on January 31, 2018, however, residents may pay any time in advance of the due date. Payments may be made in person at the Finance window in City Hall, by mail, or online.

The City has not yet received the tax warrant from the County for 2018 County property taxes. According to the Governor’s Executive Order, if the City of White Plains receives the County warrant before December 29th, residents may pay their 2018 estimated County tax bill in 2017. Payments may be made in person at the Finance window in City Hall. Without the warrant, however, the City has no authority to accept payment for 2018 County property taxes.

The City of White Plains makes no representation regarding the impact of payment in December on federal tax liability. Property owners are advised to contact their tax advisors or the IRS in regard to whether early payment may be deducted on their federal tax returns.


Please continue to check the City website for updates.

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