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WPCNR CAMPAIGN 2017. From the League of Women Voters of Westchester. October 10, 2017:

The League of Women Voters of Westchester is regretfully cancelling its candidates’ forum at Mercy College OCTOBER 30 because County Executive Rob Astorino withdrew from the debate. Below is the League’s press release with the details.

 The League of Women Voters of Westchester regretfully announces that it is cancelling its October 30 candidates’ forum at Mercy College because County Executive Rob Astorino has withdrawn his agreement to participate. The forum was to include four candidates in two races, County Executive and County Clerk.

As of September 22, 2017, all four county executive and county clerk candidates had agreed to an October 30 debate. Candidate for County Executive Rob Astorino subsequently withdrew his agreement to participate. Because its nonpartisan policy does not allow the League to hold a forum for a race in which only one candidate appears, the organization is compelled to cancel the event.

The League appreciates the dean and administration at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry’s offer to host the debate. “This was to have been a program to engage first-time student voters,” states League President Marylou Green. “We regret the lost opportunity for these young people to participate in fair and open campaigns, and to hear and question candidates.”

The League of Women Voters is well known and widely respected for its long history of sponsoring nonpartisan candidate debates at all levels of government. These nonpartisan programs are an important part of its mission to prepare voters for active and informed participation in our democracy. “This cancellation has been a disappointing and unprecedented development,” says Green. “Our time-proven format has consistently delivered civil and fair discourse. It provide candidates with equal opportunities to speak and the public with the chance to ask about their concerns.”

The League is hosting eleven other debates throughout Westchester County during the month of October. A complete listing can be found at Local election information and ballot proposals can be found at





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