American Nero: President Golfs While Puerto Ricans Die

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WPCNR NEWS AND COMMENT. By John F. Bailey. September 30, 2017:

If I were President right now here is what I would do.

Tears are filling my eyes as I write this.

I’d fly down there and I’d be right there on the scene.

I would establish the San Juan White House Command Center with the Governor of Puerto Rico the brave Mayor Carmen Yulin’ Cruz out there getting herself wet, dirty sweaty. Working phones. Taking charge. You don’t tell Mayor Cruz “we’re doing a great job.”

His Twitter Account should be suspended.

This outrageous Trump “Big Lie” is a direct steal from Stalin’s Soviet Russia which when it failed to meet the objectives of 5 year plans, said they did or made excuses. Donnie is always making excuses. The dog ate his homework every night.

(Has Donald Trump ever done any real work in his life? No. It’s obvious. Because he can’t get any work done. When it’s there he doesn’t know how to do it. How has this guy ever built anything is beyond belief. Obviously other people made the decisions because he can’t He is making George W. Bush look very very good. (“We’re doing a great job” is Trump’s, “You’re doing a helluva job Brownie.” )

Mr.T, remember is the man who promised Americans “we’ve got your back.”

Turn around and you’ll find is not there.

Where are the Latino leaders nationally and the black leaders, and those evangelical “Christians” crying out about this deliberate “Latinocide” Trump is creating as I type each letter of this comment?

What would Jesus say about you?

You know where Jesus would be. He’d be right there.

Because Donald Trump isn’t.

He’s where he shouldn’t be all the time, and when he’s not he’s playing golf.

So if I were President right now this moment I’d do this:

  1. Order military divisions down there using helicopters to airdrop water and rations all across the nation based on intelligence from Puerto Rican leaders. (This was recommended by the General who handled the Katrina recovery in New Orleans. That General told Trump that 4 days ago.)
  2. I’d order prefabricated home modules from manufacturers to provide shelters to house those with no homes. That  might be hard to do, but you have to think that way.
  3. I’d order cruise ships out from Florida to drop their cruises and rush those ships to house people and feed them. Now. Paying tourists will have to wait. I’d ask freighters to detour to San Juan to convey our Puerto Rican citizen refugees to Florida. (Probably the reason the Trump Administration doesn’t want to do this is they do not want 3 million more Latinos coming to the mainland – just speculating. God I hope that is not true, don’t you?)
  4. I’d have the U.S. Navy bring in their Seabees to clear wreckage replace buildings, houses, put the Navy to work. And a few aircraft carriers  to survey the island target triage and replace priority sites.
  5. I’d order all the power companies of  America to send emergency crews or use military experts at setting up instant bases with power in 24 hours, sector by sector. (I think they can do that. This is a time to show what America working together instead of against each other can do, because the Trump Administration isn’t going to do it.)
  6. I’d bring in hospital ships and sanitation specialists  and public works professionals  and construction teams to repair the water treatment apparatus if repairable, pump out all that standing water. Purify and purify to prevent a cholera epidemic. (Even a dumb reporter like me can figure it out why can’t the Captains of Finance The Incompetent Team in the Trump Administration, figure it out?  Incompetence in politicians and managers has a very dear price.
  7. I’d set up prefab buildings to replace schools businesses. Build new airport strips to bring service to all affected areas.
  8. I’d be going to the businesses that serve America, the water companies, the food companies, to reroute everything they make and are shipping and get it straight to Puerto Rico. They should be doing that anyway!
  9. I would tell  Puerto Rico all is “on the house,” that they would not have to worry about paying for it and their personal financial loses and employment would be restored and loses reimbursed.(Is Texas paying for their relief? Is Florida paying for their relief? How about an Executive order like this that helps people?
  10. I would call an immediate session of congress and ask every member of congress to go back to their states and pull together resources from local businesses and organzations to aid in the on-going effort to house Puerto Rican refugees during the interim period and ship direct aid.

11. Do we even know what Puerto Rico needs after 8 days, besides everything? FEMA has fumbled again, fumbled 3 million lives away, unless the President wakes up and smells the rotting corpses. Assessment and priorities  immediately please!!!

12. I’d order all military medical resources available to go to Puerto Rico and replace and spell the Puerto Rican medical folks, electrify the hospitals and supply them with medications to combat the disease outbreaks to come. (Field hospitals spring to mind. If you can treat wounded soldiers as soon as they land, you can treat starving, heat stricken Puerto Ricans, innoculate them just as soon! Come on, Washington, do your job.)

I will add to this list. The blackout on Puerto Rico situational analysis is a disgrace.

But, the President will not get to this until he gets to Puerto Rico next week.

So in the meantime, it is up to those businesses which consider themselves so important to America to step up for the once Shining Star of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. Now. Show us how important, powerful and humane you are. Now.

Show us how competent you are. Now

All right all you CEO’s, Gazillionaires, Hedge Funders, sneaker makers, chicken kings, sports club owners, communications giants now is the time for action. And especially Federal Express, all the airlines, food supply companies, Goldman-Sachs,   you have to save the Puerto Rican citizens…days away from cholera, dysentery, starvation.

What is the matter with the “President In Name Only” that he does not recognize the danger to 3 million people down there? How can he say he’s doing a great job down there.

He isn’t. He’s doing no job. He doesn’t know how to do a job.

He’s playing golf while Puerto Ricans die, starve, drink infected water, and God knows what.  But “Red Texas” got help, “Red Florida” got help. Latino Puerto Rico—8 days and no significant help.

Think about it: President Trump is playing golf while Puerto Rico has no food, no potable water, electricity.

He is playing golf while Puerto Rico has no food, no potable water, no electricity.

After President Trump’s ghastly comments to the Mayor of San Juan this morning, it is clear the President does not have the humanity and decency to be a good leader. He is a person who cares not a wit for anyone but himself.

But you already knew that.

He has no grip on reality.  If he had a shred of compassion in him he’d have been on the plane with Andrew Cuomo down there. But the Trumpster was not. He was fighting the NFL. He was talking tax plan.

It is time for Puerto Rico to plea for help from Germany, France, England to come to their rescue, the elitist, anti-Latino, whites’ rights Trump Tyrant won’t anytime soon. Maybe Cuba will help the Puerto Ricans, maybe Jamaica, how about the Bahamas, close by with room? Cuba could welcome Puerto Rican refugees to help clear their damage, since we do not know the extent of that. Canada always helps

Puerto Rico you have gotten a message from Mr. Trump: it’s every Puerto Rican for him or herself.

The only politician who has spoken out on this is Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mr. Cuomo should be appointed manager of the Puerto Rican recovery, he knows more about it than anybody.

I salute him and I am proud he went and no one else did.

I cannot get over it.

Donald Trump is playing golf while Puerto Ricans are suffering from no electricity, no homes, no water, no jobs, no food.

He could at least send them a few steaks or write them a check for a million.



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