Biggest Threat to Our Democracy Is Not Showing Up–Lecuona.

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From a Fundraising Letter Circulated by Mayoral Candidate Milagros Lecuona. August 27, 2017:

 The biggest threat to democracy is not showing up

Dear John,

If you were one of the 200 or so folks packed into White Plains’ first debate last Tuesday at the Women’s Club, you know Roach and the rest of his slate were a no show. This is what the voters have to look forward to with his ticket.

Showing up matters.  Help fund my campaign today so I can continue to be a champion for White Plains voters.

The fact that the mayor chose not to address WP voters was not surprising given he did not show up at all during the week and a half of court proceeding on a case that he brought to the court in the first place.

However, it gave me a great opportunity to share my vision for a thriving White Plains. I laid out my plans for creating a comprehensive plan for the city that is updated regularly.  I shared new ideas for a sustainable White Plains that go far beyond a few bike lanes. My Democratic slate mates and I talked about how to deal with the strict parking enforcement in our downtown area.

If given the opportunity to serve as your mayor, I will work with all White Plains residents to establish a system of transparency that has been missing for the past seven years. I will encourage public participation and collaboration and I will bring my experience as urban planner to building a better White Plains.

We have to get through a few hurdles first and with only three weeks left before the Democratic primary, we need boots on the ground.  Our is a grassroots campaign so we need your help TODAY.

Please volunteer to help get Milagros elected.

I hope to see you in the next three weeks before the Democratic primaries on September 12 but I also hope to see you long beyond that date as we build a better White Plains together.

Milagros Lecuona

Contender for the Democratic Party nomination for Mayor in the September 12 Primary

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