Playland Pool is Here to Stay: Legislator Parker

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Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker  at Playland on its Opening Saturday May 20, where she told WPCNR exclusively that Standard Amusements had agreed not to develop the Playland Pool site and the county would fund approximately $10 Million to rehabilitate the pool. Monday night the County Legislature voted 15-2 to approve the funding of $9.5 Million. Standard Amusements still is awaiting resolution of the City of Rye lawsuit that was recently thrown out by the courts on the grounds that the City of Rye had no standing to make the final approval of how Playland is redeveloped when Standard supposedly takes over. The City of Rye is considering whether to appeal that court decision. Standard Amusements has yet to forward their first payment on the 30 year arrangement, which is contingent on whether Rye appeals the suit and continues the legal battle for “Final Cut,” whether it is Rye that approves park changes or the County(which owns the facility).

WPCNR PLAYLAND GO-ROUND. From County Legislator Catherine Park. June 19, 2017:

Legislator Catherine Parker (D-Rye) is pleased to announce tonight passage of an Act which will authorize work to rehabilitate the historic pool at Playland Park. The Act, which has a cost of nearly $9.5M, passed with a 15 to 2 vote. When completed, the residents of the Sound Shore will continue to have the public pool that they have had since 1927.

“During the long process to get to this point I made clear that due to costs, a public amenity such as Playland Pool could never be replaced by high priced private club memberships,” said Parker. “Furthermore, I heard from countless residents & local officials about the serious concerns they had with the any alternative options to the pool.”

The issues most concerning residents were quality of life related such as noise, litter, and rowdiness close to a quiet neighborhood as well as the concern that a new restaurant would detract from efforts made at Rye Town Park with their new restaurant.

“We were very pleased with Standard Amusements’ understanding of the importance of this pool, and importance of keeping it a pool, to the surrounding communities,” added Majority Leader Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining). “I look forward to working with Standard as we continue our partnership at Playland.”

Legislator MaryJane Shimsky (D-Hastings-on-Hudson), Chair of the Committee on Infrastructure, expressed her excitement to get this project going. “The Astorino Administration has long stalled on the work needed at Sprain Ridge Pool, making the rehabilitation of Playland Pool all the more important. Westchester residents pay taxes and expect adequate services in return, I am thankful that we can finally get to work on this long debated but always needed undertaking.”

“I commend my colleagues on the Board and Standard Amusements for their dedication to this piece of Playland history,” concluded Parker.


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