New City Court Judge Elizabeth Shollenberger Caseload Reassigned. Will Not Get New Cases Until She is Able to Return to the Bench. No Return Date Set.

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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS LAW JOURNAL. By John F. Bailey. June 3, 2017:

20161223 003

City Court Judge Elizabeth Shollenberger

The Chief of Administrative Judge of the Courts for New York State, has reassigned all cases previously assigned to new White Plains City Court Judge in an Administrative Order issued May 2. The order appears below:

“Pursuant to the authority vested in me, effective immediately, I hereby direct that 1) all judicial matters currently pending before the Hon. Elizabeth Shollenberger, City Court Judge of the City of White Plains, shall be reassigned to such other judge or judges as the Hon. Michael V. Coccoma, Deputy Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts Outside the City of New York, or his designee shall direct; and (2) no additional judicial matters shall be assigned to Judge Shollenberger until further order of the Deputy Chief Administrative Judge.”

Leonard K. Marks

Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts

Lucien Chalfen, spokesperson for Chief  Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, Janet DiFiore, confirmed Ms. Shollenberger’s removal from the cases to WPCNR Thursday, telling WPCNR, Ms. Shollenberger has been told to remain at home until she is able to return to her duties. Chalfen said she has not been removed from the court and is still a judge on the City Court. He said no date has been set for her return. It is WPCNR’s information that the reason for the order concerns a personal health issue.

Shollenberger was appointed Judge to fill the vacancy left by the Barbara Leek retirement by the White Plains Common Council in December. A long time Chair of the White Plains City Democratic Committee and Treasurer for Mayor Thomas Roach’s Campaign, Shollenberger joined the court in January.

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