County Executive Astorino is Right on the Law Requiring a SEQRA Review of Indian Point Closure. Board of Legislators Overlooks 1978 Decision. Attorney Remembers the Garbage Burning Plant Decision.

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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS LAW JOURNAL. Special to WPCNR from Daniel Seidel. April 25, 2017:
(Editor’s note: Yesterday the County Board of Legislators announced they would not support County Executive Robert Astorino’s intention to sue for a SEQRA review of the Governor Cuomo-Entergy agreement to close the Indian Point nuclear plant. An attorney notes that in a similar situation, the county attempted to avert a SEQRA and was rebuffed by the courts. The attorney recalls the circumstances:)
I did a SEQRA law monograph for Federated Conservationists of Westchester County when the County Board of Legislators  authorized the garbage burning plant in approximately 1978.
FCWC sued Westchester County and said we needed a SEQRA review. Westchester settled and signed a consent decree to go thru SEQRA. took about a year, and we built the plant. PROCESS and LAW were followed.
The Board has a short memory. They’ve set precedent already.
Rob Astorino is correct on the law.
I have all the papers. and the signed Consent by the Board back then.
The Democrats are evading the Law.

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