Cuomo to Democrats: Fight Now

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I have a message for Democrats in Congress: stand up and fight.

Earlier today, I joined President of 1199 SEIU George Gresham and hundreds of healthcare workers in the Bronx to rally against the Trump administration’s absurd attempts to derail the progress we have achieved in securing quality, affordable healthcare for millions of Americans.

As New Yorkers, we are not going to let nearly three million people who are now insured lose their healthcare coverage. Today, one out of every six New Yorkers has been given insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Enough. We’re not going backwards – we are going forward.

Watch what I said here and share it with your friends.

Democrats need to take a page out of the Republican Party’s book from when they disagreed with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. We need fight Trump every step of the way.

We are not going to let them undo the progress that President Obama made and was upheld by the courts.

Right now is not a time to make a deal. It’s not a time to get political. It’s time to get principled and remember who you are, who you represent, and who you’re fighting for. That’s what Democrats are all about.

That’s what the people of the state demand, and what the people of this nation deserve.

Andrew Cuomo

Governor, State of New York

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