Over 3,000 Persons and counting Attend Westchester County Center Gun Show. Will Become a “Perennial Event.”

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Hundreds of men, women and some children strolled through aisles showcasing rifles, current handguns, antique historical weapons, accessories, hunting and outdoor equipment, knives, and information booths  at the Gun and Knife Show today at the County Center.


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County Executive Robert P. Astorino in a news conference at 2 this afternoon, said he vetoed the Democrat legislation that would have banned gun shows on county property to preserve the rights of persons to experience firearms exhibitions. 

County Executive Astorino told the assembled press he made the decision based on law and the belief that having a gun show at a county-owned facility such as the Westchester County Center, made such a show a venue that presented greater control of security and execution of the legal procedures required at gun shows across the state.

Mr. Astorino strolled about the show floor prior to the conference, getting congratulations for his veto from vendors, and show goers alike. During the news conference, persons waiting in the long line to get into the show shouted  “Thank you, Rob,” and “Thanks, Rob!” as they  strolled slowly by the developing news conference.

Peter Tartaglia, the Commissioner of Recreation and Parks for Westchester County told WPCNR over 3,000 persons had passed through the turnstiles, at $13 admission,  as of 2 PM, an all-time record for attendance at a center event (according to Mr. Astorino).

Astorino in his comments to the press said persons could not buy a handgun and walk out with it (from the four tables this reporter saw selling handguns, all of the handguns and rifles for sale which had ties in the barrels, on the triggers, and magazines preventing the guns from being loaded). You could not handle a handgun that was for sale without presenting a Gun License. You could not purchase a rifle or other long gun without a National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) that would be conducted  on the premises in the manager’s office.

Asked how long it took to get a Gun License, Astorino said there were a number of steps that could take awhile, but did not know how long.

County Legislator John Testa (left, in above photograph)added it would take approximately five weeks to be processed, then you would have to go back to the dealer and get the gun registered. WPCNR, speaking with a Gun Licensee familar with the procedure found it could take six months to a year to get the handgun in your possession. Testa added that the success of the event meant the show would become a “perennial ” event at the County Center.

Questioned about the compromise legislation that Republicans said would replace the vetoed gun show ban on county property, Mr.Astorino said the legislation the County Legislature will take up Tuesday at a public hearing in The Little Theater in the County Center, did not add any regulations or procedures that were new.

He said the procedures codified in the compromise legislation bill supported by the Republicans are being observed in all gun shows across the state.

The compromise legislation was developed because Mr. Astorino said many persons in the county had expressed concern that a gun show was not “secure.”

Astorino said the compromise was to assure citizens worried about security at gun shows that if a gun show was held privately at other non county-owned venues in Westchester that those private property shows were subject to the same regulations the New York State requires of all gun shows and “they would feel safe and secure.”

Astorino noted that a gun show was taking place in Albany at a government -owned property, just as the County Center.

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Line of firearms enthusiasts to get into the County Center wrapped around the venue and up the Bronx River Parkway as of 12 noon..it was just as long at 3 PM

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The showfloor was still crowded at 3 PM






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