ConEdison Solutions — Sustainable Westchester “Go To” Energy Supplier sold to Exelon, international energy supplier after 6 months. serving Sustainable Westchester customers

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ConEdison Solutions, the default supplier selected by the Sustainable Westchester power consortium of 24 Westchester County cities and towns, including White Plains, has announced to Sustainable Westchester Customers it is being purchased by Exelon Corporation.

Exelon the nation’s leading competitive energy provider which, in 2015 had revenues of $34.5 Billion. It reports it is “one of the nation’s cleanest and lowest cost power generation fleets.” ConEd Solutions has $13 billion in annual revenues and $46 Billion in assets, according to the Constellation news release in September. The acquisition was also announced in a news release of July 27, in which it said “the terms were not disclosed.”

The purchase comes to Sustainable Westchester customers comes six months after ConEdison Solutions started supplying electricity to the 24 Westchester cities and towns. The purchase was announced to White Plains and Westchester customers in a letter received by customers above on Saturday.

However, the sale was announced by Constellation New Energy as completed in a news release September 1.

As of February, customers now supplied by ConEdison Solutions will receive a bill from an Exelon subsidiary, Constellation New Energy, Inc. The energy rate you are now paying through the Sustainable Westchester program will remain the same.

ConEd Solutions and its 85 employees serves over 560,000 “commercial, industrial sector, and residential customers in 12 states and the District of Columnia.” Constellation serves 2.5 million residential and business customers throughout the country.

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