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WPCNR TRANSITION REPORTER. Special to WPCNR from Peter Katz. November 9, 2016:

WPCNR has learned that the airspace for several miles around Trump Tower in Manhattan has been declared off-limits by the federal government as part of the security effort to protect President-elect Donald Trump and his family.
The Trumps currently live at Trump Tower on Fifth Ave. in midtown Manhattan.
A flight restriction over a section of central Manhattan, extending from just beyond the East River to beyond the Hudson River’s west bank went into effect just after 10:30 this morning and will remain in effect at least until January 20, 2017 when Trump would be expected to move into the White House.
The restricted airspace extends from ground level to just below 3,000 feet. Only aircraft on official business or receiving special clearance from the FAA and Secret Service are now allowed into the area.
 Air traffic which normally flies over and around Manhattan will be disrupted, and aircraft which previously have flown freely along the Hudson River and portions of the East River are now blocked from doing so. It is likely that accommodations will be made so that
the impact on flights into nearby LaGuardia and other major airports will be minimized.

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