Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Poughkeepsie a Secret, Candidate Says

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WPCNR IMMIGRATION ISSUES. From the Phil Oliva Campaign. November 5, 2016:

Phil Oliva, the Republican nominee for New York’s 18th Congressional District,  has questioned why no one knew about the impending opening of a Syrian refugee resettlement office in the city of Poughkeepsie.
Church World Service, a partner with the federal government, announced last week that they would be opening an office in the city to help refugees with employment, health, housing services and overall assimilation.
“No one knew about this.  I learned about it after several residents reached out to me. This looks and feels like another example of the federal government imposing its will on local communities.  Whether it’s oil barges on the Hudson, Common Core in the classroom or now, refugees in our community, they decide, we abide,” said Oliva.
Oliva said he has several questions and concerns regarding the new office including: How many refugees are coming? Is Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County their final destination?  Have they been properly vetted?  Who is paying for all of this?  Is this permanent or temporary? Why Poughkeepsie? Why weren’t local officials notified?
Oliva referenced FBI Director Jim Comey who had previously stated that it was “impossible” to properly vet the Syrian Refugees, and National Director of Intelligence James Clapper who said it was a “huge concern” that ISIS fighters could slip in with the refugees.
In addition, Hillary Clinton, if elected President, wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees by 550%
“I have great compassion for any people fleeing violence, but that compassion shouldn’t supersede caution and security.  It shouldn’t supersede important issues we are dealing with in our community,” said Oliva.
Oliva wants to pause the refugee resettlement program until an enhanced vetting system is put in place and he favors, as a better solution, the United States leading a coalition of nations building a safe zone within Syria where non-combatant residents wishing to flee the violence can relocate until the fighting ends.



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