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Ms. Elizabeth Kurth’s recent diatribe against those opposed to the defeated FASNY project was both unfortunate and disappointing   Ms Kurth misses what was at issue during the long FASNY saga.  The reputation of the school was never the problem.  The public record over the last four years is replete with documentation citing the real substantive issues: density, traffic, environmental degradation, hydrology, pollution, fire safety and residential values.

The election results could not be more clear:  the three Council people who voted against FASNY were resoundingly reelected.   And yes Ms. Kurth, The Gedney Association does represent the views of the overwhelming majority of residents in the neighborhood.  Ms. Kurth forgot to mention the opposition of the School Board, The Conservation Board and The Planning Board to key aspects of the FASNY plan. She also neglected to mention the seven other neighborhood associations in the south end of the City that joined the Gedney Association in publicly declaring their opposition to the FASNY complex.  Nor does she mention the other neighborhood associations outside the immediate area that also publicly opposed the FASNY project and the over 2,000 residents from all 28 of the City’s neighborhoods who signed a petition against the project.

Understandably, most of the people who spoke in favor of FASNY had some connection to the school.   Nonetheless, all those in favor as well as those opposed to the FASNY complex were entitled to their views and opinions.   

The FASNY development has been turned down and is now behind us and it’s time to move ahead.  We respectfully request that Ms. Kurth accept the differing views of the majority of her neighbors and the decision of the electorate regarding the Common Council members who rejected the FASNY project. Let’s move forward together towards a use for the former Ridgeway Country Club that preserves as much open space as possible and that is truly compatible with the environmentally sensitive property and the character of the neighborhoods that surround it. 

John E. Sheehan, President

The Gedney Association




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