The Feiner Report: Millenial Moves Change Demographics on Central Ave. Seeks Parking Solutions for Overflow Overnight Parking at 4 Corners

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From Town of Greenburgh Supervisor, Paul Feiner. October 25, 2015:


In recent weeks some residents of E Hartsdale Ave have contacted me expressing concern about the lack of overnight parking. The demographics of E Hartsdale Ave are changing -more young families are moving in and they have more cars.

A suggestion was made for the town to try to acquire land near the four corners and to build a new parking structure. We could also reach out to developers and ask if they would be willing to build a new structure at or near the 4 corners. A condition of approval would be for residents of E Hartsdale Ave to  have access to the parking during overnight hours and during weekends.  Or, to try to come up with other options.  Purchasing land and building a new structure will cost significant dollars and before we proceed – I’d like to get a better idea of the extent of the problem.

I would appreciate it if you would drop me a note highlighting the personal experiences you have had with overnight parking on the avenue. If you live on E Hartsdale Ave please respond to the following questionnaire and send it to The Town Board will be discussing this problem with Stephanie Kavourias, head of the parking district (whose detailed explanation of parking authority responsibilities and concerns is posted below. The parking authority is independent of the town but we hope to work cooperatively with the authority to address this concern.



(  )Yes   ( ) No  I have experienced overnight parking problems where I live.

How often?

Is this a seasonal problem or a year long problem?

Where do you park your car when you have a problem?

Have you been ticketed?

Do some of your neighbors also have parking related problems?
Do you think the town should acquire more land for parking–even if it resulted in higher taxes (a parking structure is expensive–could cost more than $20 million to build)?
Another option: to reach out to developers and to see if a public/private initiative could take place. They could build a building on the 4 corners –and create parking that would be available to residents of E Hartsdale Ave during evening/weekend hours. This would be much less costly and would help address the problem.
Do you have any other suggestions?




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