Resident of Gedney Farms Rebuts Westchester Business Council on their Support of FASNY Approval

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To John Ravitz  and Marsha Gordon,Westchester Business Council:

It was so kind of you to ask your members to encourage the (White Plains) Common Council to vote Yes To Fasny. Also threatening them with a lawsuit from Fasny if they don’t vote Yes. I see you live in Pelham.We happen to be residents of White Plains  since 1969 and are in the areas that would be affected.
There are thousands and thousands of people like us who will be severely impacted by a yes vote. Perhaps you are not aware of how many city commissions and boards that have said no to the Fasny plan. The Board of Education unanimously signed a letter telling of the dangers to all of the White Plains families and students if Fasny were passed. Also the Planning  Board.
These letters were sent to our Mayor and Common Council. I personally , along with others, went door to door throughout the City with petitions saying No to Fasny. There are over 3,000 signatures.  Is your membership that high?  We are not a small group of irritated neighbors . No matter what FASNY tells you. Thousands  of residents will live with air pollution , noise pollution , water problems .serious traffic  issues and safety issues for our own children.
We will also pay more in taxes. This will not affect you because you are far away and won’t know the difference. I cannot believe you would want to see any harm come to your children because of traffic issues. This is a monster of a school and according to covenants is illegal to be on that property.
I am not sure how you get your monetary figures that would be generated by Fasny. I can’t figure out since these people live in Westchester County already and have been shopping here for years and the school has been in existence in Westchester County for 10 years. Seems to me you all have been drinking the Kool-Aid. You are buying what FASNY is telling you all.
You are forgetting the human element  of this and only thinking  about the financial element , which will probably never happen. No doubt Fasny wants their school. They certainly don’t care how much it will destroy people who live here and pay taxes.
We are suppose to lie down and let them run over us. You all need to think in other terms. I assure you we will not let them run over us. You should be more open minded to the other side of this. If this was your city and neighborhood you would fight like mad to protect it.

Sharon Gould
White Plains , N.Y.

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