White Plains Police Talk Man on Verge of Suicide Off the Ledge at Galleria.

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WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. From the White Plains Department of Public Safety. November 8, 2014:
A White Plains police team successfully talked a distraught man off the ledge standing outside the parking Level barrier, threatening to jump at 9West in The Galleria Municipal Parking Garage early this morning, after  a 2 hour negotiation.
Commissioner of Public Safety David Chong commended the officers:

“This was a spectacular job performed by all the officers involved.  They saved the life of a distraught man in the middle of cold night.  This goes to show you how well our police officers are trained and how dedicated they are to duty.”
Robert Riley, the President of the White Plains Police Benevolent Association described how the officers handled the situation  to Commissioner Chong and Police Chief Bradley that began about 4 A.M. Saturday morning.
I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding job of the following members.
Sergeants Petrosino, Nolletti, and Dominguez, ESU Officers Smalls, Fuentes, and Gordon
Police Officers Burnett, Jeff Ramirez, Faulkner, Markowski, Pagan, and Cathy Miedreich
Detective Kirby PSA Ceravole.
This morning at approximately 0410 hours, HQ received a call from a suicidal party who told the call taker that he was inside the Galleria parking structure and wanted to hurt himself. This party then hung up the phone.
The call takers PO Pagan, Markowski and PSA Ceravole made several attempts to call back the subject and finally were successful and were able to confirm the subject was indeed somewhere inside the structure.
They advised responding units and car 13 PO Burnett was able to locate the subject on 9 West, where he was standing on the outside of the railing on a 6-8inch ledge.
PO Burnett quickly notified dispatch and Sgt. Petrosino responded to the scene. A short time later Sgt. Nolletti, PO Faulkner, ESU officers Smalls, Fuentes and Gordon arrived on scene.
  Patrol units were also positioned to control pedestrian onlookers, vehicular traffic, and media personnel.
Once on scene Sgt. Petrosino, Nolletti and PO Burnett were able to gain the confidence of our suicidal party and get close enough to converse with the subject. After a short period of time, PO Jeff Ramirez was called to the scene to converse with the subject in Spanish.  
While these officers talked to the subject, ESU officers Smalls and Fuentes set up the ropes in case they had to make an attempt to snatch the subject.
Once the ropes were secure ESU Officer Smalls approached the subject and began speaking to him. At this time Sgt. Petrosino stepped away from the individual and took command of the scene. He was in constant communication with the desk officer (Sgt. Dominguez) who was able to get the proper resources that were needed to get the job done.
After approximately an hour and a half, PO Miedreich and Detective Kirby arrived on scene and took over negotiations.
They began speaking with the individual and after about thirty to forty minutes they were able to get the individual to step on the inside of the railing and ESU Officer Smalls was able to tackle and gain control of the subject.
The subject was then transported to WPER for treatment.
Again I would like to congratulate all members involved in this lifesaving event. You all showed tremendous police work as well as teamwork.
As for the Sergeants, they faced this call with confidence and demonstrated  decisive leadership skills and ability.
For the members involved, you demonstrated an exceptional mastery of your professional skills and the ability to work together as a team.
Congratulations on a job well done! 

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