132 Subsidized Day Care Slots Unfilled, DSS Commish Says. Urges Persons Needing Day Care in September to Inquire.

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WPCNR WESTCHESTER COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From the Westchester County Board of Legislators. August 1,2014:

Kevin McGuire, Commissioner of the County’s Department of Social Services (DSS), noted in his presentation to the Board of Legislators Community Services Committee that as of June 2014 only 67 children were enrolled in the Title XX program, although there is funding for 199 slots for the same period of time in the 2014 County Budget, 132 slots are unfilled.

McGuire is urging persons interested and needing Day Care beginning in September, to apply now.

Projections presented to the BOL yesterday show 261 available Title XX slots for December 2014, but the rate of enrollment only generating 145 children for those slots.

Several day care professionals have voiced displeasure with the enrollment process this year. A number of Westchester residents reported having trouble enrolling into the program, with many applicants turned away for minor and nettlesome reasons.

Invitations to use the program first went out to people on a waiting list, many of whom had already aged out of the program. Short deadlines for supporting documentation in the application process apparently discouraged others from following through, as they were required to start from scratch once the deadline was missed.

“I’m disappointed that more than a hundred young Westchester residents and their parents are missing out on this important day care program,” said Legislator Williams. “Working families struggling to make ends meet need the help that programs like Title XX provide, and the children benefit from being in a safe and nurturing environment. These slots should all be filled.”

Williams pointed out that families should contact Westchester County at (914) 995-2294 to speak with the application supervisor or visit online www.socialservices.westchestergov.com/adult,-child,-family-services/day-care-services for more information about signing up for the child care subsidy.

Residents having problems applying for the subsidized child care program are requested to contact Legislator Williams by phone: (914) 995-2833 or email: aaw3@westchestertgov.com.

The Child Care Council of Westchester, Inc. is also ready to help: call (914)761-3456, email childcare@cccwny.org or visit online www.childcarewestchester.org for more info.



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