Car Thefts from Unlocked Cars Cropping Up in the City.

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WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. From the White Plains Department of Public Safety July 28, 2014:

Lieutenant Kevin Christopher of the White Plains Police Department has sent the following advisory Sunday  to local neighborhood associations. Christopher in his covering message advises:

“We are experiencing some larcenies from vehicles. People are going into unlocked vehicles and stealing items.”

You may be a potential victim if you leave valuable items in
your vehicle. Reduce your chance of being a victim, practice
the behavior found on this deterrents list:

1. Take your keys out of the ignition
2. Lock your car
3. Park in Well-lit areas
4. Do not leave valuables in plain view, remove valuables, and place in
trunk if items must be left in the car.
5. GPS systems are attractive items for thieves. The GPS and the
suction cup mount need to be removed and placed in the trunk. The
residual ring left on the windshield from the suction cup mount
need to be wiped clean from the window. Thieves look for this
6. Use your garage
7. Install an audible alarm

Phones, loose change, CDs, Briefcases, Purses, Wallets, Laptops,
Sports Equipment, and Global Positioning Systems.

While parking, if suspicious behavior is observed by people in the area,
call White Plains Police at 914 422 6111 or in an emergency 911.


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