The Old Ballgame on America’s Birthday

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The Old Ballgame:

No gloves, no steroids, no biting, flannel uniforms, no droopy pants and no tattoos. No electronic scoreboards, no out of town scoreboards, no runs just “Aces” and “Frames.”

No jingles before every at bat, no advertising bombasting you between innings, no $10 beers, no night games, just sunshine and a skyline as New York Gothams and New York Mutuals play a natural doubleheader on Governor’s Island last Saturday.

Wow was this fun and relaxing to watch. The shots went just as far almost reaching NY Harbor…the pitchers were crafty, the sweat was real. The game was so relaxing to watch. The rhythm so uninterrupted.

The two teams play by 1864 rules all summer long on the weekends. The admission is just right: Great baseball for free.

On America’s Birthday and no doubleheader in New York it is good to remember the roots of America’s Pastime.

For information on this great league, go to

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