3 Races in County Legislature too close to call. Roach, Smayda, Martin, Kirkpatrick Returned to Power.

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WPCNR CAMPAIGN 2013 ROUNDUP. By John F. Bailey. November 6, 2013 UPDATED 2:20 A.M. E.S.T.: 

Mayor Thomas Roach won a full four year term as Mayor in his own right Tuesday, defeating challenger Cass V. Cibelli, 6,627 to 1,907 votes, taking 78% of the vote. It appears that only 28% of White Plains registered voters came to the polls, White Plains having about 31,000 registered voters.

The new Common Council will have a slightly new look in January, with Benjamin Boykin departing for the County Legislature, having defeated Miriam Levitt-Flisser to win Bill Ryan’s former District 5 seat on the County Legislature.

Boykin won with 61% of the vote over Flisser, 5,846 votes to 3,796 as of last look at the numbers at 1:30 A.M.

I expect the Common Council  to appoint Nick Wolfe to the Council to replace Boykin. Wolfe has been serving an apprenticeship, attending council meetings for the last six months in preparation. Should Wolfe be appointed this will leave  the council with six caucasion members and one Hispanic, Milagros Lecouna.

Meanwhile Beth Smayda with 5,230 votes won her second four year term to the council. John Martin garnering 5,273 votes, won his second elected term to the council after winning a special election after having been appointed to replace Tom Roach who became Mayor when Adam Bradley resigned. John Kirkpatrick, winning 5,168 votes, secured his first elected term, after having been appointed to the Council to replace David Buchwald who resigned from the council after winning an Assembly seat last year.

Claudia Murphy  won 3,064 votes trailing Kirkpatrick by 2,104 votes; while Anne-Marie Encarnacao received 2,742 votes, and Carl Albanese, who did not campaign won 2, 445 votes. These returns are with 82% of White Plains districts in.

Democrats win 9 seats; Republicans 5, with 3 in doubt.

On the County scene, the makeup of the County Board of Legislators depends on the outcome of three races that are still close: The  7th, 10th and 14th districts are too close to call with about 20% of the votes remaining to be counted. Presently the Democrats have won 9 seats and the Republicans, 5. A veto proof majority is 12 votes.

Presently, Democrat Catherine Parker leads Republican John Venti by 180 votes with 67% counted in District 7.

Mary Jo Jacobs the Democrat is in a tie with Sheila Marcotte the Republican with 11 votes separating them and  81% of the vote in in the District 10 Race.

Over in District 14, Republican Bernice Spreckman leads Rocky Richards the Democrat by 400 votes with 77% of the votes in.

It looks as if the Democrats will pick up Districts 7 and 14 for 11 votes and a veto-proof majority with the District 10 race a bonus if they win it. However, Mike Kaplowitz and Virginia Perez the Democrats who defected and helped Rob Astorino pass his budget in 2012, could act as  Republican swing votes in a scuffle. So picking up all three districts would not necessarily mean the Democrats would have a veto proof roster.

In the Proposition Results, the first five Propositions passed statewide, including casino gambling. The proposition extending judges’ retirement age ten years was defeated.


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