The Letter Campaign: Cass Cibelli on The State of the City Going into Election 2013

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Cass V. Cibelli, Candidate for Mayor of White Plains

Dear Mr. Bailey,

     With school children back in session and their teachers diligently moving ahead into a new scholastic year, it’s due time we focus on the state of White Plains and her government.
We know taxes in White Plains have continuously and dramatically increased since my opponent first took office as a member of the Common Council. Tom Roach never met a tax increase he didn’t like; there is no evidence that my opponent ever considered seniors and young families when burdening them with his tax increases. My opponent raised taxes for over a decade. This is why I will move swiftly to secure term limits for all White Plains elected officials.

     As mayor, I will work closely with the Common Council to encourage businesses to invest in our communities, bringing jobs to our residents and young people. Smart development has all but stopped in White Plains.
There is a need to continue developing our gateways, particularly our train station; and moreover, providing housing opportunities for young professionals, families and seniors. 
     The current morale amongst our emergency professionals, particularly our firefighters and police is a direct result of my opponent’s  inability to respect them and embrace the importance and imperative public safety represents in White Plains. The current relationship with our uniformed men and women is unfortunate, tragic and par for the course where the administration is concerned.
I plan to change that relationship by opening up a real dialogue, embracing the dire straits we are in concerning public safety and developing a real plan to support these brave men and women to the extent that it makes sense for everyone involved: tax payers; visitors and how can we forget those who risk their very lives doing their jobs? Keep in mind, that my opponent decided to spend on an unused bike lane over a much needed fire truck for Fire Station #7 in the south end of town?
     We are truly the tale of two cities. Jack Harrington once told me while on the campaign trail that the neighborhoods need to be protected; that protecting the neighborhoods protects our quality of life. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Harrington, This is why I will fight for all residents in all neighborhoods; especially those neighborhoods who are systemically and officially neglected by this administration.
This is unacceptable, and a change is needed. Currently, the administration under my opponent’s watch, leaves children and their families at risk while turning a blind eye to housing violations, health code violations and an array of malfeasance when it comes to managing this housing crisis. I will move swiftly to address landlords who snub their noses at rules and regulations and hold to account any city employee not enforcing our regulations. When my opponent can invidiously assess seniors and their properties, then no one is safe. 
     This November, we have a real opportunity to change the course of White Plains.
Cass V. Cibelli

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