NY On Amazon Top 20. Latimer Style Going Forward. Fed Visits WCA

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WPCNR Monday. From the Westchester County Association January 22, 2018:

In his second week of office, County Executive George Latimer addressed the WCA membership at its 22nd Annual Breakfast on January 10th. He discussed the key initiatives of his new administration and the region’s economic opportunities and challenges:
Collaboration on Economic Development: Latimer highlighted the importance of inclusion and collaboration across the county in order to succeed and get things done. Collaboration with local municipal leaders — especially Urban communities — and the private sector is key. “…we cannot save Westchester if we don’t save Mount Vernon; we cannot save Westchester if we don’t stand by Yonkers,” he said.
Optimism: Although the county is currently facing many challenges, Latimer is confident that the County has the resources, both of money and of will, to fight through the difficulties. “To be an American means you are an optimist. We will get through this moment in time,” he said.
Preparing Westchester for the Future: According to Latimer, Westchester should be proactive in preparing the county for the future. The county’s all-out pitch for Amazon’s second headquarters is the way we should always be thinking. He fully supports the WCA’s “Gigabit Westchester” initiative and said “high-speed broadband would give us a demonstrable, unique selling perspective when attracting new companies.”
Government Efficiencies: Latimer supports the increased sharing of government services. While it may mean some jobs are relocated, he said the county and its municipalities must figure out how to deliver services more efficiently. One of his goals will be to work more closely with local municipalities and school districts to increase productivity and lower costs.


On January 17th, the WCA hosted the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and top leaders from Westchester’s banking community to discuss how broadband is now an integral part of community development and meets the primary purpose definition of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). This meeting is another step further in the WCA’s initiative of bringing super high speed internet to the County and closing the digital divide.


The New York metro area, including the Hudson Valley, is among the list of 20 potential sites for Amazon’s HQ2, potentially impacting the region’s economy in a big way. “It’s kind of a no-brainer in terms of what it would mean for Westchester,” said Bill Mooney, WCA President & CEO. “It would be a huge win for Westchester in so many ways.” Read More Here.


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